Thank you!

greetings all,

and the project concludes. thank you in great appreciation and humble-ness for checking out, appreciating and sharing your thoughts on the photos from the sea to sky photo journal.

a time stamp of moments once present, and now past. i look back on each frame and each emotion that fills it comes flooding back. i am proud and humbled.

the next step is the book. like the valley of light photo journal, i will publish a stunning book with all of the year’s photographs. hardcover, full-colour and full-life.

i am now accepting pre-sale orders of the book which is how the book’s first print run will be financed. at $30 (plus shipping if needed) you will receive a first edition book and an inner knowing that you have supported a grassroots, independent project. i am looking at a june 2018 release. if you would like to support the first printing of the sea to sky photo journal, please¬†contact¬†me.

thank you again, and until next time…